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New User Onboarding

You could easily add users onto the Hubbler platform, be it a few users or hundreds of users:

To Access Admin Panel, Go to hubbler.in (Pref. Chrome browser) > Also, Open Hubbler App (Mobile) > Click on Hamburger Menu > Web Login > Scan the QR Code > You would be logged-in

  • To add a few users,

Please watch video below or continue reading for step by step process:

Add/Del Users onto Hubbler

Step 01: Click on ‘+’ Add users button (Bottom right) > Add the required details such as Name, Phone number, Email ID….

Step 02: To choose the appropriate Reporting manager & Reportees; Click on ‘Add from Users List’ > Select the users from the list of users already added on Hubbler platform > Click on Add selected and click on Next button

Step 03: From the list of Apps available, toggle the apps to be assigned to the user and click on Next button

Step 04: Choose the required Leave / Workday / Tracking Profile (Continuous / Default) and click on Done button and the user gets added to Hubbler

  • To add users in bulk,

Click on ‘Import Users’ button (Top right) > Download Sample Excel OR If already done, Choose file to upload > Click on Upload

Note: Map the system & excel fields appropriately

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